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VLF EDS Metal Detectors & COILS

Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.

EDS Reacher



Introducing the New EDS Reacher from Detech. Running at 28 Khz, traditionally thought of as high frequency, the new Reacher breaks all the rules in depths associated with this frequency (single coins up to 50 cm.  With 12" coil up to 60 cm) and does it without losing any of it's sensitivity to low conductive targets and keeping great stability.
The new Reacher has auto ground balance which constantly tracks and adapts, leaving you to get on with the important job of detecting and digging those elusive targets.
A user friendly interface allows you to "set and go" from day one, hitting targets that other machines consistently miss.
"Pre-sets" allow you to hunt for "coins, relics or nuggets" with ease, finding even tiny pieces of "micro jewellery".
With two user defined tones to choose from and sporting a 9"X 9" SEF Pro coil, the new Reacher can punch even deeper by use of it's "deep" switch, which positively ground balances the machine for even greater depth!
Pinpointing is a dream by use of the pinpoint button, which locates the target dead centre of the coil.
Weighing just 1.5 kg, the Reacher can be used all day with ease.
Optional search coils are available.

Step up to the world of professional metal detecting today with a great machine at a great introductory price.
Includes rechargeable batteries and charger


Delivery of Detech EDS Reacher:

  • Metal detector electronics unit – Detech EDS Reacher

  • Three-piece, length-adjustable rod

  • Adjustable levels of discrimination

  • 2 operating frequencies

  • Pinpoint function

  • 2 operating tones to choose from

  • 9 x 9" SEF search coil

  • Rechargable batteries and charger

  • Detailed user instructions English

  • 2-year warranty

Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.
Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.
Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.



The Detech EDS device in overview:

  • Controlled microprocessor

  • High sensitivity for small objects

  • 2 modes of detection of all metals and discrimination mode

  • 2 operating frequencies – 13.74 and 13.89 kHz

  • Automatic and manual adaptation to soil

  • One 9X9" SEF search coil principle of the symmetrical electromagnetic field

  • Optional coils available

  • Professionally processed, it balances easily and excellently

  • Absolutely simple use for users

  • Audio frequency: 570 Hz

  • Optic and acoustic display of the battery

  • Connection for headphones, jack of 6.3 mm

  • 9x9 waterproof coil supplied complete with skid

  • Black 3 pece shaft

  • It contains  NiMH AA Batteries (4 pcs) and Charger

  • Search period with NiMH Batteries up to 30 hours

  • Weight: approx. 1.5 kg

The famous manufacturer of coils and detectors, Detech, introduces its first very low frequency detector – the Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS), with an operating frequency of 14 kHz and extreme search depth, proven in an air test (individual coins up to 56 cm) compared to many top detectors.  Here, a SEF search coil was used 9x9 and 6x6 inch. It is delivered with a coil higher than 12x12.  With this safety coil, it is possible to obtain a much higher performance of detection in depth, and through its size it facilitates the search of larger areas.

The EDS detector has been developed over the years, it is the result of many tests with different frequencies of search and prototypes, with the control of the microprocessor, provided with high quality components, it balances in an excellent way, it is easy to use, a device which complies with all that the manufacturer promises.

It also persuades through its equipment. It is delivered together with 2 SEF search coil, 12x12 and 9x9 inch, loading device, including accumulator 1800 mAh, protection for coils and transport bag as well as the 24-month warranty.


Airtest Detech EDS:




8 X 6 SEF DD COIL EDS $225

9 X 9 SEF DD COIL EDS $235

12 X 12 SEF DD COIL EDS $265

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