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The first machine Detech released into the market place, was the Pulse Induction Detector SSP-2000.  There was strong demand for this machine and it was soon followed by the release of the PI Detector SSP-2010.  The PI Detector combined a unique system of PI detector and magnetometer, which allowed discrimination of unwanted ferrous objects, no matter their size and ageing in the ground.  In 2001, the company designed the first PI detector in the world, with micro-processor control, touch pads and graphical image of the signal.  The SSP series found wide markets and enormous sales.  This lead to Detech opening a new branch of the company, focusing on the production of accessory coils for the leading brand of metal detectors.


The first models of coils manufactured were the 14” EXcelerator coils for Minelab’s Explorer and Sovereign detectors.   One of the patented technologies of the company was used in the manufacture of these coils, their housings made by hand from chopped-strand material and polyesther resins.  The  housings were light and very strong, but this process of production was too slow.  This forced the purchase of injection moulding and vacuum thermoforming machines, as well as the manufacture of steel moulds for new housings.  The company received 5 patents in the field of metal detectors and searchcoils.  Detech Ltd is the first company in the world, producing searchcoils with built in magnetic sensors in the middle sector.  This allowed perfect discrimination of the ferrous objects by the PI detectors.


Trying to escape the stereotype of the round coils, in 2006 the company released a new, revolutionary type of coil on the market – S.E.F. (Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field) coils, also known as Butterfly coils. These S.E.F. searchcoils combine the advantages of both DD and Concentric coils:


The S.E.F. Butterfly search coils offer better ground balance, more stable operation in all conditions, even deeper in the ground, and more accurate target identification


All  Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, their inside is covered with chopped-strand material for a better shock resistance.  We use resins, which are “transparent” to the electromagnetic waves, and offer  perfect shielding.  The coils are water proof and operate in a wide temperature range.  The searchcoils are all equipped with an excellent fitting cover, (skid plate) and have a two year full warranty.





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About Detech

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Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.

About Me... 


My names Peter (known to most is no surprise, as Stinky Pete!)

Gold detecting and Prospecting  Australia is in my blood.  Its a hobby I have been seriously enjoying for over 40  years.

In the early days, I began by panning and dredging for Gold.  I remember suffering the ice cold waters of many a stream in my pursuit of Golden Happiness!  Blue in colour, I still struggled to call it a day.

As time and technology moved forward and laws came to pass banning the hobby dredger, my interest took the turn to using gold metal detectors and coils.

Combined with my interest in 4 wheel driving, I have been able to travel throughout Australia, chasing that next piece of precious colour from the ground!

What a way to see this great country of ours!


Here I am today, sharing with you, a range of coils that I have found in most cases superior to others on the market. 

As new products become available to the range, these will be trialled and tested, in Australian conditions before release.

I go out gold prospecting whenever I get a spare moment.  That would be every weekend at the least, on those days from sunrise until after sunset and often by moonlight.   I detect all year round throughout the cold and frosty mornings and the stinking hot summer sun!  (Perhaps that is how I earned my nickname???)

It would be unusual for me, not to find Gold on any one day.

As I continue my exploration of Australian conditions, 'Detech' gold metal detecting, join me on my Blog page and get my latest news and updates.

Look forward to hearing from you too.



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