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SEF DD searchcoils to suit Minelab GPX, GP and SD Machines

All  Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, their inside is covered with chopped-strand material for a better shock resistance.  We use resins, which are “transparent” to the electromagnetic waves, and offer  perfect shielding.  The coils are water proof and operate in a wide temperature range.  The searchcoils are all equipped with an excellent fitting cover, (skid plate) and have a two year full warranty.  Excellent equipment for Detech Metal Detecting in Australia, suited to Australian prospecting conditions

Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.

15 x 12" SEF DD  $370 905g


For Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectors

Designed to go deeper than standard coils. Lightweight Open style for speed-comfort-deeper finds! You can search a large area quite fast, due to the easy size and weight without losing any depth! Made to locate Gold!  Very stable, no false signals, able to work in difficult soils and locate smaller nuggets, as well as larger deeper GOLD clusters.  Add this coil to your detector and go over ground you previously searched and you will be pleased with the added GOLD you will find!


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Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.
Detech Australia, gold, coin and relic coils and machines.
18 x 15 SEF DD $442 1035g

For Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectors

2-3 week delivery

Lightweight open coil. Middle size to allow user to cover more ground in less time with less operator fatigue resulting in finding more gold. Very similar to the larger 21 x 17.  Will go deeper and give better performance when searching for GOLD. Very stable and very accurate pinpointing to locate even your smaller Gold finds. Field tests show the S.E.F. search coils really find deeper targets-many missed by other search coils.


21 x 17" SEF DD $504 1235g

2-3 week delivery

For Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectors,

Lightweight and extremely deep and sensitive especially for gold. Largest and deepest in the S.E.F coil series. Designed to go deeper and offer better performance than other coils when searching for GOLD. Very stable, more accurate pinpointing to locate your gold finds.  This coil is made to search DEEPER than any other coil for the GPX detectors!!!.  Use this coil when you are prepared to dig up the DEEPER GOLD cluster and nuggets.

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