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45 Cm Concentric Search Coil to suit GPX

Now Available


60 CM Concentric Search Coil

to suit GPX

Now Available





11"Anti Interference Coil

for those difficult to detect areas deal with EMI

Concentric 24 3
Detech 11"Anti interference

Detech Metal Detectors Australia

Detech gold detectors australia

Detech metal detectors australia

Detech gold detectors australia​

VLF Machines, coils, finding gold, finding gold in Australia, gold and relic and metal hunting, finding metal treasures, relic hunting in Australia, Stinky Pete, Find gold with Detech and Stinky Pete


Detech Metal Detectors Australia

VLF Machines EDS Winner EDS Plus II


Detech gold detectors australia


Welcome to Detech Metal Detectors Australia.   The home of the superior Gold detector equipment, now in Australia. This website represents the European company Detech and we now happily offer their excellent quality range of prospecting searchcoils and coil covers, via Australian Distribution here.​  Our office is based in Bauple Queensland

We welcome your contact for any questions or product information not found on this site. 

As serious gold prospectors, we will endeavour to keep you up to date with all new and upcoming gold detecting information and equipment as it becomes available.

Join our blog to see the latest news and information about Stinky and his Detech gold prospecting adventures in Victoria and around Australia.

Feedback and testimonials always welcome!

After commencing the Australian distributorship In May 2012, we are making headway in becoming a brand of choice.  Great feedback coming in from many sources.  Great prices, New coils being developed as we speak and we pride ourselves in delivering prompt efficient service.


Take a look on our blog page, or on Youtube, for videos whilst I have been testing the coils and machines.


See our new VLF Machines too!  Six separate coils are available just for the EDS machine alone!

Thanks for visiting, hope we hear from you soon.

Stinky Pete and Marianne

​Follow the link above, to read an indepently written report on the new 8" Mono coil, by Kon61

Gold Detecting Australia

about Gold detecting Australia


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